weight loss myths

Top 5 myths of weight loss

A modern malady today in every nook and corner of the world and in every family is the growing tendency of obesity and weight. Thus, most of the time, we are stressed out, sleep deprived leading an undisciplined life with all the unhealthy fast food as our savior.

What our system craves is a balanced life with healthy proportionate diet, which we lack. The result is a gradually increasing weight issue, which refuse to leave us no matter how much hard we try.

There is today hardly a soul who has not tried a number of methods to lose weight, some effective others just banal. This brings us to the point that more often than not we end up believing a lot of stuff regarding weight loss which are hardly true and which do us more harm than good.

Let us go through this 5 item list of myths to learn more:

  • Snacks are not good for health: Not all snacks are fattening and in fact, fat is necessary for the body.
  • Supplements can help lose weight: They might seem to be working at first but they do no good to the body and are not at all a healthy option.
  • More exercise means more weight loss: this is not always true, since nutrition is also a key factor. Exercise alone could not help you lose weight if your calorie intake is greater than your expenditure.
  • Skipping meals can help lose weight: On the contrary it can make you fat as it will lower your energy, which in turn will make you crave for more high sugar food.