The Truth about Weight Loss

truth-weight-loss-slim4funEverybody tells you that you should do this and avoid that, and try this, remove that from your daily routine and on and on and on goes the rigmarole.

However, let’s be honest, it is not possible to do everything when you are trying to lose weight.

Take it from someone who has been struggling with fluctuating weight all her life, trying to lose weight is very complicated and comes with tons of ups and downs:

  • Weight is just a number: It is all about staying healthy and fit. If you feel that your body is best at 44 kilos, then good for you. If you feel that your body is good at 70 kilos, then good for you. If you are fit and healthy then your weight does not matter.
  • It’s okay to have cheat days: You’re only human, and we deserve something good for all the hard work that we have been doing. So stop feeling guilty about craving junk food, and once in a while eat that damned cake that you have been eyeing for so long!
  • It is going to be frustrating: More often than not, you will feel frustrated with your weight loss regime. From lack of results to nit fitting into your clothes right away, it is okay to shed a few tears along the way.
  • Everyone’s body is different: Say you want the weight of some tv personality. However, your bone structure is different and at the same weight, your body may look completely different from theirs.