Why are Weight Loss Diets Ineffective in the Long Run?

protein-diet-weight-loss-veg-animal-slim4funThere are many weight loss diets that exist today and yet with so many to choose from, the question still remains whether among many people whether any of these diets work to keep the weight off the body in the long term.

Some people have claimed that weight loss diets do not work, and these are some of the main reasons why.

  • A lot of diets out there tend to overhaul a person’s eating habits. The truth is that once you are used to certain eating habits, changing them completely can be very difficult. This is why diets fail in the long run because few people are capable of maintaining brand new eating habits for a long time, with many people falling by the wayside and returning to their usual eating habits.
  • Another reason why weight loss diets do not work on a long term basis is the fact that many people usually embark on diets with the aim of losing predetermined amount of weight, instead of dieting to improve their eating habits. The problem usually arises when they reach their desired weight goal, because it is at this point that many dieters stop the dieting process altogether, instead of continuing with it even after reaching their goal weight.
  • Some types of diets tend to deny the dieters body nutrients that it had already become accustomed to receiving. This leaves the dieter feeling testy and even sluggish, and it results in dieters abandoning the diet altogether.